Not only are we known for creating extremely welcoming properties, 

We stand out for our ability to enhance a smoother selling experience




Hired Interiors / Styling:

Our highly creative team set the visual stage for a buzzy sales campaign,

First we hone in on the existing elements of a property and ask what we need to draw the eye to (or in some cases, away from)
Then, it's our job to curate the interior furnishings package, from furniture leg to foliage hue-

We won't deliver furniture for furniture's sake. 

We'll make your investment shine out from the others on the market, for all the right reasons



If you've got clutter stuff and have no idea what to do with it, this is hardly a problem.
We can coordinate the handling and storage of household gear that should ideally ‘disappear’ during the sale process.


Colour Consultancy:

If colour, let alone selecting the right pre-sale neutral, is hardly your forte- hand it to us.
It’s our thing- we do it every day.


Design Consultancy:

If you need advice on what to update and what not to update pre-sale, we can assist you. Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, floor coverings or lighting, we're great with advice, product specifications and ordering. 


Decor Consultancy / Partial Styling:

If you're a designer at heart, with timeless taste- If your property is already abounding with gorgeous furniture and collected pieces, our place here is to help refine and curate the design so that it appeals to the widest buying market. We consider space flow, repositioning and de-cluttering where necessary. Any blank spaces, we will fill seamlessly, using carefully selected pieces from our range.


Trades people Recommendation:

-Detailed Cleaning
-Building and Handywork

We know the people.