Meet our passionate company founder: Interior Designer, Marion Glover. 

Full of creative vision, the initial years of Marion's career saw her supporting architects, developers and builders across every stage of the design and construction process. It was here that she quickly gained recognition amongst Sydney Real Estate Agents alike when these furnished projects went to market. 

Fast track to now, Hardly Tom has  grown into a team of professional stylists and logistical operations, covering all aspects of a design-savvy property styling group. 

"Our approach to this dense industry is truly unique. We are proud to say that our styled interiors aren't scripted, rather they come from a place of true appreciation for every property's features and an understanding for the prospective buyers' lifestyle desires. We want to ensure every property evokes a positive emotion- this comes from a soulful, welcoming interior".

With this vision at its core, Hardly Tom is ever-gaining recognition for being Hardly your "Tom, Dick or Harry". 



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