Sydney’s Real Estate Scene is competitive. Our job is to maximise your sale by having your property look the best it can be.

With a team dedicated to excellent design, quality service and careful logistics, we work alongside your agent to tailor a scheme that's unique to your property and surroundings.

Driven by the saying, “You’re only as unique as your sources”, our company began with the vision of a collection consisting of carefully-selected, quality furnishings, artwork and accessories that, when pieced together thoughtfully, could be used to add significant value to any property we styled.

Three years later, and we have grown this vision into an inventory of pieces that we are continually curating and contributing to. At Hardly Tom we use these to create homey, comfortable environments with the aim of appealing widely to potential buyers, real estate photographers, nosey neighbours and everyone in between! 

We look forward to displaying our next scheme at your property.